Monday, 25 April 2016

New destination : Women's dressing room

Welcome a new Women’s Dressing Room. A place where you’ll find the paired down perfect wardrobe capsule from our favourites and the little accessories that add the signature to your style. 

Imbued with the qualities we love and the ethos we admire the dressing room launches with a collection from Louise Misha. The bohemian accents and vintage inspired details spoke to us as though we imagined them in our own dreams and so it is we begin with what we love, and know, you, my friends will love too. 

Louise Misha brings the casual and eclectic, the elegant and beautiful indulgence of luxurious textiles that speak effortless chic. ‘Meticulous doses of romance, innocence and adventure’, ‘an alchemy that promises endless summer days of beauty and joy.’ A ready to wear collection that will carry you through the summer days and nights. 

We’re thrilled Louise Misha are joining us and so excited to be launching our new women’s collection here at sistersguild.  So, come join us on our journey of discovery, uncover new favourites and see the wonderfully curated selection of pieces we bring. 


Here’s a little of what you’ll discover

The women's collection awaits here


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Monday, 21 March 2016

Soor Ploom captures a nostalgic longing for simplicity

Our new love…

We have a breath of fresh air in the boutique that goes by the sweet name of Soor Ploom. Designed and made in Brooklyn, New York, this is a fresh, timeless collection of cotton and linen loveliness in the most beautiful hues.

Soor Ploom makes us dream of summer days of endless play when time is forgotten and light cooling cotton touches the skin. It is simple, understated style that the designer Marissa Buick has so talentedly created.
I really do feel that Marissa has captured some nostalgic longing in her collection.  It's as if you have opened a vintage suitcase of perfectly pressed linen clothes in the exact designs that you have pictured in your mind for your own little girl to wear! And wear them she will…

The Oona Romper has become a classic style by Soor Ploom, in ochre or blue stripes .
New is the Olive Romper in the most feminine soft clay colour and the beautiful Lois playsuit in the Liberty garden print.  Then there's the Lark, Edie and Prim Dress, the Maude playsuit and the Clova top - names that sound so vintage and adorable.  These are pieces that will be cherished for summer and last a lovingly long time for the next generations to come. Thank you Marissa!

Holiday dreaming

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Four - Spring

A few new Spring arrivals and some classic seasonal pieces I love. 

1. Easter bunny & egg ornaments to hang here. 

2. A cape created for creators, dreamers and magical imaginings that I wish came in my size. Made from tulle as fine as a spiders web glistening with morning dew and embellished with hand applied metallic sequins and tiny beads. here.  

3. A beautiful porcelain jar for hiding and discovering treats and treasures and a beautiful pieces to last long after all easter chocolate has been nibbled. A place to keep treasures and jewels and notes and secrets. It comes in a beautiful delicate blue here and soft whisper of a pink here

4. Our favourite woodland forest set, for babies for baths, for play and make believe magical places. here

There’s lots of Easter discoveries to be found here


Friday, 15 January 2016

Bobo Choses SS16 - Der Blaue Reiter

Each season Bobo Choses release a collection born with a story and characters of its own. A special, unique and meaningful collection. There are handmade illustrations alongside carefully selected materials like, textured raffia and indigo waffle, pointelle cotton and the softest denim we love. Founded in 2008 with the idea of creating a clothing brand that could speak to children in their own magical and passionate language. Bobo Choses core values are creativity, passion, honesty and always a sense of fun.

The story of the collection "Der Blaue Reiter" ( The blue rider) refers to a group of Russian and German artists united in a movement fundamental to expressionism. This group led by Kandinsky and Franz Marc shared a desire to express spiritual truths the symbolism of colour, the importance of spontaneity and intuition. It is the base of the inspiration and the story behind the SS16 collection by Bobo Choses.

The freedom of colour and expression bursts through the collection with prismatic colours and abstracted forms. A key piece of Kandinsky's work the, "blue rider" depicts a horse and rider , an apparent symbol for 'moving beyond realistic representation' and the horse a symbol or rebirth. Bobo Choses reflect this so brilliantly & playfully in the Spring collection resonating this idea with fresh spontaneous colour, vibrant imagination and playful shapes. Fauvist pears are seen alongside bohemian stripes and wonderful shapes take a Matisse-like expression whilst there are nods to Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh and of course Vasily Kandinsky and Franz Marc. 

Inspiring, naturalistic, bright, colourful, and always imaginative Bobo Choses celebrate colour and  spirituality of this early movement in their, as always, intuitive way. They have once again delighted and surprised us with their latest collection, playful and imaginative and spontaneous. This is the magic of Bobo Choses. It is the brand that speaks the language children speak. 

Only a little longer to wait. Der Blaue Reiter Launches 19th January at 10 am GMT 

Monday, 3 August 2015

The Unknown Mountain Journey

Autumn - Winter '15/16

 Bobo Choses Collection:

The Unknown Mountain Journey

"Once upon a time there was a clothing brand that spoke the language children speak”

Inspired by nature; its patterns, its colours, its shapes, The Unknown Mountain Journey has a graceful feel that seems to whisper the magic of the wild. 
Elegant colours go along with bold prints that reveal the secrets of the unknown mountain: talking horses, flocks of pointillist birds, crayon-coloured leaves, funny foxes, rubber-stamp forests and many more.

Handmade illustrations give the collection an attentive feel whilst the careful selection of colours; ochre, mustard, teal and navy hold the elements of natures surroundings giving the collection its earthly roots.  The unknown mountain journey instinctively feels like something familiar, something dear and wonderful. This is the magic of Bobo Choses. Cleverly reflecting the sky and the earth in a romantic capsule ready for the new seasons adventures. 

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Hello Summers Brights

Pina Colada Pineapple lamps and watermelon beach towels, bow hooks and pom pom baskets, raindrops, tassel garlands and bright 'hello' balloon cards to pop in the post...... Summer is bursting with bright colours and fun ideas. Here's a few of our favourites pieces: 'hello' balloon & card, bow wall hook, raindrop wall hooks, a whole lot of watermelon prints that we love from bobo choses! my favourite light trousers of the season in an easy laid back and super cool yellow cotton crepe , hand printed pineapple lola by Wovenplay, watermelon beach towel by Bobo Choses , pom pom embroidered baskets by Rose in Apriland pina colada lamps in different colours. 

Summer is Here with all our favourite picks